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As a mother of two amazing children, I have always had a passion for children’s shoes. For years I have searched for good quality shoes for my children and found that there just isn't anything out there, at least with a good selection for boys and girls. Having a passion for Italian shoes myself, because of the comfort, workmanship, and of course the fashion, I wondered why it was so difficult to find these for my children. As a mother and also a Registered Nurse, I truly believe it is so important for little growing feet to be in nothing less than the comfort of fine quality shoes with the softest leather, and of course not to mention with stylish selections! One summer I went back to Italy for vacation with my entire family and this is where I discovered what I have been searching for. All of the children wore the most adorable shoes that were made with the finest materials, excellent durability and with the comfort that active growing children need through all of their different stages of growth. I couldn’t bring enough home… I was inspired to bring many home and share them with all of you… so I did. I hope you enjoy them as much as my family does.

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