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We believe in fine quality kids shoes... Primigi Shoes.

View the Primigi, Umi, and Lelli Kelly collection

The Little Shoe Boutique is where you will find one of the largest selection of Umi and Primigi kids shoes.

Umi is exclusively a children's footwear company. The Umi founders and product development team bring over 80 years of combined experience to the brand, including work with well-known upscale retailers and European footwear brands. All Umi products are developed according to the unique needs of the growing child's foot and are manufactured of the finest materials and to the highest standards.

Primigi has made mothers from all over the world happy knowing their children are wearing nothing but the finest quality of natural leathers, canvas, or mesh material, all of which help support healthy feet. With Primigi's Sky Effect System, Flexible Action system, and with most having removable, washable insoles, healthy growing feet for your child has been Primigi's pride for over 30 years.

Whether you are looking for Primigi first walkers, Primigi sport shoes, Primigi dressy shoes, Primigi casual shoes, or Primigi boots, you will find them here. Primigi has a beautiful line of shoes to choose from for all occasions. The Primigino line will be the perfect fit for the first walkers and toddlers, providing full support for their ankles as they crawl and master their first steps. Primigi has sneakers for both boys and girls. The girls sneakers are adorn with the latest in fashion, which have attracted the girls of all ages... For school and special occasions, Primigi has provided children from all over the globe, their classic loafers, for both boys and girls, available in a huge variety of colors and styles, perfect for school and dress, they continue to be a Primigi "classic". Along with their classic loafers, their beautiful selections of mary janes for girls are among their most popular trademark. With an abundant range of colors, and styles, from everyday wear, to special occasions, they are by far the perfect combination of comfort, quality, and fashion. Primigi and GORE-TEX meet together and create an all around perfect boot for the winter, with their "Guaranteed to keep you dry" promise; Primigi's latest fashions make these boots a favorite among the girls and boys. Among the GORE-TEX line are Primigi's fun and trendy girls boots which have made Primigi very popular, having a beautiful fit for all ages, combined with the latest fashions and styles originating from Europe.

Visit the "Why PRIMIGI?" section to learn more about these fabulous Italian kids shoes. There are several years behind Primigi in their designing, and manufacturing process. Shoes designed specifically for healthy growing feet will always be Primigi's number one intention with every shoe that continues to be made.

The Little Shoe Boutique is proud to announce the introducing Lelli Kelly kids shoes... The addition of the Lelli Kelly brand will expand our commitment in bringing to our customers, the most fashionable fine quality Italian kids shoes.

Lelli Kelly shoes are exclusively designed with young girls in mind. These excellent shoes are extremely popular all over the world. Lelli Kelly shoes are known for their craftsmanship, with the combination of distinctive design/fashion and good quality. They are anti-transpirant, due to a patented technique using a Latex Foam material or 'Dryz' found under the soft leather perforated insole of Lelli Kelly shoes and will keep your daughter's feet dry and comfortable.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience!
The Little Shoe Boutique "Where fine quality meets fashion"


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